We specialize in making unique rings


Papaja is a jewelry company located in Helsinki. We specialize in designing and crafting wedding and engagement rings as a custom work. Our selection also includes jewelry collections and baby spoons made by us.


We craft timeless and durable jewelery with high quality, respecting craftsmanship, not forgetting the potential of modern technologies.


Custom made jewelry is designed and crafted for you. Design and high quality craftmanship guarantees the result you can be satisfied with.






Papaja´s jewellery is designed by goldsmith and designer Anneli Aaltonen. Anneli have over twenty years of experience in jewelry design and crafting of custom-made jewelry.


Anneli graduated from the Lahti Institute of  Design at the Goldsmith's program in 2000.


Jewelry and objects designed by Anneli have been presented at several exhibitions and events around the world.


"A small company that produces unique jewellery and objects which are meaningful to their users is our way of acting responsibly as designers."




Made in Finland


Papaja's own goldsmith workshop is located at Helsinki Kallio, in connection with our store. The degree of domesticity of our goldsmiths work is 100%, of which about 90% is made in our own premises. Industrially manufactured chains are made in the EU.




Unique jewelry


We do not manufacture products for the mass market. The most important cornerstone of our business is to avoid unnecessary product making. 90% of our production consists of rings and jewelery that have been made only one piece by order. This will avoid unnecessary consumption of materials and energy. Jewellery designed and made as a custom work is also more relevant to its owner and long lasting. Handmade jewelry can also be repaired and their life span is extended to next generations.






We use the diamonds which we buy from a trusted Finnish expert in diamond and jewelry business. By doing this we will be able to acquire very unique diamonds and to ensure the best possible diamond origin.


Learn more about the origin of the diamonds we use ... (only in finnish, sorry!)




Recycling of precious metals


The precious metals we use are recycled. Gold and other precious metals are high-quality in recyclebility, and material loss in the crafting of precious metal products is very small, as precious metals are collected and recycled very efficiently.

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Tue-Thu 13-18, Fri 13-17, Sat 10-14