Custom made engagement & wedding rings


We design and manufacture a wide range of jewelry and especially unique engagement and wedding rings to order. We have years of experience in making a wide variety of jewelry and engagement and wedding rings.


You can come to our store at any time and you don’t need to know exactly what kind of ring you want as our job is to help you find the right ring.


The custom ring is designed and made just for you. Good design combined with high quality goldsmith work guarantees an end result that you can be happy with.




Design process


When we meet, we discuss e.g. your wishes, materials and gems. There are a lot of ring designs on display in our store that make it easier to find ideas. Based on the discussion, we draw sketches of the ring.


Making a custom ring also includes fitting the ring. This ensures that the work progresses in the desired direction and the end result corresponds to what was agreed.






We make rings and jewelry in silver, gold and platinum. Gold is available in several different colors. The colors of gold we use are white, rose and yellow gold. White gold rings can be rhodinated if desired. Rhodinization is a thin rhodium coating on top of the ring that lightens the inherently slightly darker color of white gold. Platinum is the color of rhodium-plated white gold. The precious metals we use are recycled.


We use diamonds in our jewelery, which we procure from a reliable Finnish expert company focused on the diamond and gemstone trade. By doing so, we are able to acquire very unique diamonds and ensure the origin of the diamonds in the best possible way.






Ring design is not a purchase decision. If you do not like the offer we have made, you do not need to order a ring, as we will only start manufacturing the ring once you have accepted our offer.






It is a good idea to take the time to choose a ring by discussing and comparing your choice to the right one. If stones such as diamonds are implanted in a ring, it is easier to compare and select them when you can see the stones even before they are implanted.


Delivery time for custom work is from 2 weeks. On average, the design process and manufacture of custom-made rings takes a total of 1-2 months. We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible.

Additional works


Besides new jewelry we can also modify old jewelry. For example, an inherited ring can be re-sized for you and if needed gemstones can be set on it.

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Tue-Thu 13-18, Fri 13-17, Sat 10-14