Papaja is Jewelry Company located in Helsinki. We specialize in making and designing custom made engagement and wedding rings.


In our manufacturing process we value quality and the tradition of craftsmanship with the aid of modern technologies. The unique jewelry from our workshop will last through time and use.


Couples, especially those looking for unique custom made engagement and wedding rings, have discovered Papaja.


A hand made custom piece of jewelry is designed and made just for you. Good design together with a high level of craftsmanship ensures you will receive the most satisfying jewelry.







Both Anneli Aaltonen and Vilja Tamminen are responsible for the design and the goldsmith’s work at Papaja. They both have strong proven experience designing and manufacturing jewelry specializing in custom jewelry.






- Jewelry design

- Goldsmithing

- Repairing old jewelry




Where our jewelry is crafted?


Our goldsmiths workshop is located with Papaja shop in Kallio Helsinki. 90% of goldsmithing is done in our workshop. 10% is made by our subcontractors in Finland.


Industrially manufactured chains are made in EU. Stone cutting is made outside of Finland because there is not any stone cutter in Finland who can cut diamonds and sapphires.




Recycling metals


We use recycled precious metals on our jewelry.

Papaja / Agricolankatu 11, 00530 Helsinki / / 050-320 5272 / / Tue-Thu 11-18, Fri 11-17, Sat 10-14


Agricolankatu 11, 00530 Helsinki /


Tue-Thu 11-18, Fri 11-17, Sat 10-14