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Diamond ring

Custom made engagement and wedding rings

Our specialty is designing and producing custom made engagement and wedding rings. We have years of experience bringing many different kinds of rings to life.

The materials for our rings are gold, white gold, red gold and palladium. Among others, we mainly set diamonds and sapphires on the rings.

You are most welcome to visit our store anytime, even without knowing what kind of ring you would like to have. It is our pleasure to help you figure out what kind of ring you would like to have.

A custom made ring is designed and made just for you. Good design together with a high level of craftmanship ensures you will receive the best possible jewelry.

Sapphire ring

Designing a ring does not obligate you to buy it. If our offer does not meet your wishes, you are not obligated to order it. However, this happens extremely rarely. It is our honor to serve our customers as best as we can and to do our part to make getting a ring a pleasurable experience.

Additional works

We also make other custom made jewelry, we can for example produce necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Besides new jewelry we can also modify old jewelry. For example, an inherited ring can be re-sized for you and if needed gemstones can be set on it.

We also design and produce business gifts and trophies.

Diamond ring

When we meet, we will discuss your wishes, materials and gemstones among other things. At our store we have many model rings which will help us find the right idea for your ring. Based on our discussions we will make sketches of the ring and if needed, we will also produce computer aided pictures.

There is no need to hurry the custom made ring process. It´s good to spend sufficient time finding the right idea for the ring. Based on our experience, discussion and comparison are the most effective in finding the best solution. If there will be diamonds or other gemstones, comparing them and finding the right one is easier before they are set. There are differences in diamonds just like there are differences among good wines.

An important part of the process of making custom jewelry is fitting it during the process. Fitting guarantees that the work is proceeding in the desired direction and the result will be as agreed.